Yoga 1

The slower pace of Yoga 1 allows time to modify and explore a variety of yoga postures.  This all-level class is perfect for newer yogis to build foundation or seasoned yogis to rediscover the basics. In this gentle Vinyasa flow, which means to move with breath, we will touch every muscle while focusing on proper alignment and body awareness. The benefits include better posture, healthier digestion and a clearer mind. Your body will thank you.


-All level

-Moderate heat

-If you are new to yoga, this is a great place to start!


Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow is a hot Vinyasa style class. This positive practice will introduce challenges for all levels as well as appropriate modifications. This flow is a yogi favorite! On top of moving with breath through poses it will feature a variety of core work. You will leave feeling balanced, detoxified and powerful!


-Basic understanding of yoga poses is recommended

-Heated class

-ROOM TEMP 95-100


 Yoga Sculpt

If it’s time to challenge and change your body, Yoga Sculpt is for you! This dynamic class is the perfect combination of hot yoga and strength training. The workout is set to upbeat music and includes free weights, Pilates, short bursts of cardio and of course yoga. In just one hour we will push you past your boundaries as you build toned muscles and boost your metabolism. Yoga sculpt will prepare your body for advance yoga postures.

-Heated class

-room temp 95


Yoga Barre

In Yoga Barre, your favorite yoga class meets a ballet barre workout for the ultimate fitness experience. This intense, but easy to follow class is a total body workout combining yoga, Pilates and ballet inspired moves to target smaller muscle groups and lengthen your body. Our yoga barre class is so addicting it will have your muscles burning, your booty lifted and balance challenged!


-All level, no experience needed

-moderate heat


Yoga Fusion

Yoga Fusion is a set series of yoga postures. The poses are performed in a specific way to help detox your body and improve flexibility and balance. This class is great for students trying heat for the first time. Enjoy this meditative class and practice focus as you move through the sequence. We recommend doing this class once a week to deepen your yoga practice.


-All level

-room temp 105


Yoga Restore

We all need to take it easy sometimes and go slower. Yoga restore is the perfect class for that! With breath and body awareness we will work on flexibility and getting comfortable with letting go. The class is designed to alleviate soreness and create space in your hips, joints and spine. Practice patience as you endure long holds and leave feeling freer and taller.


-All level

-moderate heat